The 100 Most Influential Sports Coaches of All Time

Welcome to "The 100 Most Influential Sports Coaches of All Time," an extraordinary tribute to the masterminds behind some of the greatest triumphs in sporting history. Within this exclusive list, we celebrate the remarkable individuals who have left an indelible mark on the world of sports through their visionary leadership, strategic brilliance, and unwavering dedication.

Prepare to delve into the legacies of legendary coaches who have shaped the course of their respective sports. From the gridiron to the court, the pitch to the diamond, these influential figures have guided teams and athletes to unprecedented heights of success, inspiring generations with their innovative tactics and exceptional mentorship.

At the pinnacle of this list stands Vince Lombardi, whose name has become synonymous with greatness in American football. Lombardi's coaching prowess led the Green Bay Packers to multiple Super Bowl victories and established a winning culture that continues to reverberate in the sport to this day.

John Wooden, a titan of basketball coaching, guided the UCLA Bruins to an astonishing 10 NCAA championships, setting an unparalleled standard of excellence. His emphasis on character development and his Pyramid of Success remain guiding principles for coaches and athletes across all sports.

The impact of Bill Belichick in American football cannot be overstated. With the New England Patriots, Belichick engineered a dynasty, capturing numerous Super Bowl titles through his meticulous game planning and ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Phil Jackson, often hailed as the Zen Master, revolutionized basketball coaching with his unique blend of spiritual teachings and tactical acumen. Jackson's leadership guided the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers to a combined 11 NBA championships.

These are just a few of the coaching giants that you will encounter on this captivating journey. From the pioneering strategies of Sir Alex Ferguson in football/soccer to the relentless pursuit of excellence by Pat Summitt in basketball, each coach on this list has contributed to the evolution of their sport and left an indelible mark on the athletes they mentored.

Through their mentorship, these influential coaches have not only produced exceptional teams and individual achievements but also imparted invaluable life lessons of discipline, teamwork, and perseverance. Their impact extends beyond the realm of sports, shaping the lives of athletes and inspiring fans worldwide.

So, join us as we pay tribute to "The 100 Most Influential Sports Coaches of All Time," celebrating their lasting legacies and the transformative power of their coaching philosophies. Brace yourself for a journey through the minds of sporting visionaries who have redefined the boundaries of success and left an enduring imprint on the world of sports.

1Vince Lombardi (American Football)

2John Wooden (Basketball)

3Bill Belichick (American Football)

4Phil Jackson (Basketball)

5Sir Alex Ferguson (Football/Soccer)

6Red Auerbach (Basketball)

7Bear Bryant (American Football)

8Nick Saban (American Football)

9Bill Walsh (American Football)

10Pat Summitt (Basketball)

11Don Shula (American Football)

12Alex Ferguson (Football/Soccer)

13Gregg Popovich (Basketball)

14Mike Krzyzewski (Basketball)

15Pete Carroll (American Football)

16Bobby Knight (Basketball)

17Bill Parcells (American Football)

18Joe Gibbs (American Football)

19Geno Auriemma (Basketball)

20Johan Cruyff (Football/Soccer)

21Casey Stengel (Baseball)

22Chuck Noll (American Football)

23Arsène Wenger (Football/Soccer)

24Bill Russell (Basketball)

25Don Nelson (Basketball)

26Tom Landry (American Football)

27Tony La Russa (Baseball)

28Bill Bowerman (Track and Field)

29Dean Smith (Basketball)

30Joe Paterno (American Football)

31Mike Shanahan (American Football)

32Bobby Bowden (American Football)

33Mike Ditka (American Football)

34Mike McCarthy (American Football)

35Bob Knight (Basketball)

36Tony Dungy (American Football)

37Tommy Lasorda (Baseball)

38Lou Holtz (American Football)

39José Mourinho (Football/Soccer)

40George Halas (American Football)

41Larry Brown (Basketball)

42Brian Clough (Football/Soccer)

43Pat Riley (Basketball)

44Larry Bird (Basketball)

45Terry Francona (Baseball)

46Rick Pitino (Basketball)

47Bob Stoops (American Football)

48Dick Vermeil (American Football)

49Joe Torre (Baseball)

50Herb Brooks (Ice Hockey)

51Scotty Bowman (Ice Hockey)

52Mike Babcock (Ice Hockey)

53Connie Mack (Baseball)

54Jimmy Johnson (American Football)

55Bill Cowher (American Football)

56Steve Kerr (Basketball)

57Lou Carnesecca (Basketball)

58Paul Brown (American Football)

59Bobby Cox (Baseball)

60Eddie Robinson (American Football)

61Chuck Daly (Basketball)

62José Riveiro (Basketball)

63Joachim Löw (Football/Soccer)

64Jack Nicklaus (Golf)

65Tony Bennett (Basketball)

66Joe Maddon (Baseball)

67Pat Burns (Ice Hockey)

68Pete Newell (Basketball)

69Walter Alston (Baseball)

70Glenn "Pop" Warner (American Football)

71Dick Bennett (Basketball)

72Eddie Jones (Rugby)

73Al Davis (American Football)

74Rick Majerus (Basketball)

75Yogi Berra (Baseball)

76Ken Hitchcock (Ice Hockey)

77Ara Parseghian (American Football)

78Dick Irvin (Ice Hockey)

79Bobby Ross (American Football)

80Tony Blair (Football/Soccer)

81Craig Bellamy (Football/Soccer)

82Graham Henry (Rugby)

83Mark Few (Basketball)

84Pete Sampras (Tennis)

85Mike Kruczek (American Football)

86Larry Coker (American Football)

87Dave DeBusschere (Basketball)

88Buck Showalter (Baseball)

89George Seifert (American Football)

90Anatoliy Tarasov (Ice Hockey)

91Mike Sullivan (Ice Hockey)

92Angelo Dundee (Boxing)

93José Pékerman (Football/Soccer)

94Arthur Lydiard (Athletics)

95Jack Ramsay (Basketball)

96Steve Hansen (Rugby)

97Al Arbour (Ice Hockey)

98Michael Cheika (Rugby)

99Daley Thompson (Athletics)

100Roy Williams (Basketball)