Things Atheists Need to Understand About Religious People

1We are not all brainwashed

2We don't hate atheists

3We are not sexist

4Just because we are in the same religion doesn't mean we agree

5We don't hate science

6We can work together with atheists to improve our society

7Just because we're against homosexual marriage doesn't mean we're evil

8We are just as capable of using scientific evidence as atheists

9Some of us believe in evolution

10We are not all homophobic

11Most of us don't want our beliefs to be forced on anyone

12We are not all conservatives

13Many of us are openly gay

14Many of us are feminists

15Some of us believe religion is a personal thing

16Many of us support gay marriage

17There are more religions than Christianity and Islam

18Some don't care about the afterlife

19We're not terrorists

20Only the evangelists say "believe or Hell"

21It's not all terrorism or evangelists

22We have friends and family who are atheists