Top 10 Atheist Stereotypes That Are Not True

1Atheists are a Product of the Devil

2Atheists are Mean

3Atheists are Nerds

4Atheists are People Haters

5Atheists are Atheists Because They are Autistic

6Atheists Hate Christians

7Atheists are Conspiracy Nuts

8Atheists Eat Babies

9Atheists Have No Morals

10Atheists Don't Believe in God Because They Want to Do Whatever They Want

11Atheists are Prejudiced

12Atheists are Close Minded

13Atheists Want to Corrupt the Youth

14Atheists Do Not Celebrate Christmas or Easter

15Atheists Drink Blood, Draw Pentagrams with Blood in Their Room and Perform Satanic Rituals in Their Basement Every Night

16Atheists are White Men

17Atheists are Really Attractive but Slightly Homosexual

18Atheists Love to Start Arguments with Christians

19Atheists are SJWs

20Atheists are Liars

21Atheists are the Thought Police

22Atheists are Sadistic

23Atheists are Neckbeards

24Everything Atheists Say is False

25All Gay People are Atheists

26Atheists are Nuts Jobs

27Atheists are on Drugs

28Atheists are Whiny Brats

29Atheists are Anti-Semitic

30Atheists are Stalinists

31Atheists are Reasonable

32Atheists are Brainwashed

33Atheists are Depressed