Top 10 Best Things About Having Autism

1Your intelligence may be higher than average

2Having a great memory

3It makes you who you are

4Being able to cut in line

5Having super good hearing

6Having great attention to detail

7Having great knowledge of dates

8You could posses great abilities

9Having a great sense of smell

10You're unique, not different

11Being less affected by the weather

12You have a special brain that works differently than everyone else's

13Being able to do the same thing without getting bored

14It makes you special

15You get to be in Special Ed

16You will not feel alone: 1 in 68 people have autism

17Having an IEP

18You never grow out of your childhood video games, TV shows, toys, etc.

19You can think more logically

20It makes you feel more proud of who you are

21You are sometimes mysterious

22You are not expected to grow up too fast

23Being able to get your own way more often

24A lot of famous people have autism

25You can act like a little kid

26People feel more sorry for you

27Most savants are autistic

28You can be really good at certain things

29You can be hyper empathetic

30You're less judgemental

31When you play a game your noob instincts disappear fast

32You get very happy about life

33Your interests are more concentrated

34Your sense of humor is unique

35You get more help than others