Top 10 Best Ways to Lose Weight

1Get a Life

Get a Life

2Drink Water

Drink Water

3Walk More

4Switch to Low-Cal

5Add Food, Don't Subtract

6Chew Gum

7Use Smaller Portions



10Turn Off the T.V.

11Drink Diet Soda Instead of Regular Soda

12Stop Eating When You're Full

13Eat Dinner Before 6:50

14Workout While You Watch

15Skip a Meal Out

16Get a Dog

17Do a Sport You Enjoy With Music

18Be Patient

19Don't Work Out

20Cut Out Fried Foods

21Share Portions

22Go to the Gym

23Get Good Sleep

24Cut Out Sweets

Cut Out Sweets

25Intermittent Fasting

26Take the Stairs



29Avoid Alcohol

30Count Calories

31Eat Bananas

32Ditch Video Games (Unless They're Physically Demanding)

33Play A Physical Game

34Make Yourself Vomit

35Take Yacon Root Max