Top 10 Biggest Misconceptions About Atheists

1Atheists lack morals because they don't follow the Bible

2Atheists have never really tried to find God

3Atheists are going to Hell

4Atheists worship the devil

5Atheists worship science and logic

6Atheists are angry at and rebelling against God

7Atheists are trying to use science to disprove God's existence

8Atheists think life has no meaning

9Atheists reject the existence of God

10Atheists are stupid

11Atheists want to corrupt children

12Atheists' hearts are filled with sex, drugs, and Satanic black metal

13All atheists are mean

14Atheists do not follow or practice any religion

15Atheists hate God

16Atheists reject God just to do whatever they want

17Atheists are fedora-wearing neck-beards

18All atheists reject pseudoscience and superstition

19Atheists force their beliefs on other people

20Atheists are selfish

21Atheists think that religion is for idiots

22Atheists think they're smarter than anybody else

23Atheists reject God because God wasn't there for them

24All atheists are nihilistic

25Atheists do bad things for the Devil

26All atheists are arrogant jerks

27Atheists think their beliefs are more correct than other people's beliefs

28All atheists are anti-religion

29Atheists are not accepting of other people's beliefs

30Atheists encourage bad morals in people

31Atheists kill, rape, murder, steal, and lie

32Atheists leave behind people who are in danger

33Atheists are the most evil people in the world

34Atheists want to destroy all the religions in the world

35Atheists don't care about other people's feelings