Top 10 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Raising Children

1Spoiling Them

2Letting Them Do Whatever They Want

3Being Too Overprotective

4Trying to Be Their Friend

5Not Spending Enough Time with Them

6Not Disciplining Them

7Neglecting Them

8Doing Everything for Them

9Fighting in Front of Them

10Trying to Make Them Fulfill Their Own Dreams

11Favoring One Child Over the Other

12Being a Hypocrite

13Yelling at Them

14Spanking Them

15Abusing Them

16Scaring Them

17Threatening Them

18Not Supervising Them When They are on the Internet

19Insulting Them

20Making Them Do Chores

21Swearing in Front of Them

22Not Pre-Screening Movies

23Constantly Criticizing Them

24Denying What They Did Wrong

25Treating Older Kids Like They're Babies

26Saying No

27Body Shaming

28Embarrassing Them on Purpose

29Setting a Poor Example

30Banning Them from Gaming

31Constantly Giving In

32Not Accepting the Truth

33Calling the Police

34Letting Them Consume Inappropriate Media

35Comparing Them with Other People