Top 10 Holidays That Should Be Created

1Fun Day

2Big Brother Day

3Sleeping Day

Sleeping Day

4TheTopTens Day

TheTopTens Day

5Total Drama Hate Day

Total Drama Hate Day

6South Park Day

South Park Day

7Candy Day

Candy Day

8Rock and Roll Day

Rock and Roll Day

9Camping Day

Camping Day

10No School Day

No School Day

11Anime Day

Anime Day

12Rush Appreciation Day

13Free Gift Day

14Minecraft Day

Minecraft Day

15Video Game Day

Video Game Day

16National Kill Dora The Explorer Day

National Kill Dora The Explorer Day

17Cancel Crappy Shows Day

Cancel Crappy Shows Day

18George W Bush Day

19No Homework Day

No Homework Day

20Regular Show Day

Regular Show Day

21National Fangirl Day

22No School or Work Day

23Breadwinners Fan Day

Breadwinners Fan Day

24Childhood Memories Day

25SpongeBob Day

SpongeBob Day

26Sisters Day

27Super Bowl Day

28International Only Child Day

29Las Vegas Day

Las Vegas Day

30Kill Teen Titans Go Day

Kill Teen Titans Go Day

31Opposite Day

Opposite Day

32Poop Day

33Pinwheel Day

Pinwheel Day

34International Youngest Child Day

35Run Around Town Screaming Day