Top 10 Most Annoying Things About Parents

1They think you're lying even when you're telling the truth

2They say "because I said so"

3They say you're getting an attitude when having an argument or just talking

4They get mad over small mistakes

5They want you to be honest, but when you are they get angry

6They turn the littlest things into a huge deal

7They let your little siblings get away with more than you do

8They never understand

9They call it arguing but you call it explaining

10They are liars

11They compare you to other people, but when you say all the other kids are doing it or have it they tell you that you're not other kids

12They always think they are right

13They demand control over your electronics

14They take your things regardless of your permission

15They tell you to be quiet after asking you a question

16They think they hold your future

17They restrict your freedom

18They don't value your choices

19They act like they a 2-year-old when they are angry

20They're overprotective

21They make you feel like a horrible person because of your decisions

22They deny half of what you say even when they know it's true

23They see only negative things inside you

24They get mad when you prove them wrong

25They say "who are you texting?"

They say "who are you texting?"

26They're always interrupting you

27They ask you a question and get mad when you respond

28They treat you like a maid

They treat you like a maid

29They can hit you or get physical with you and get away with it

30They force you to go everywhere with them

31They never apologize

32They want to make you do something but then they don't agree on it

33They hate cell phones

They hate cell phones

34They make you do things that aren't important, regardless of your will.

35They don't let you buy things with your own money

They don