Top 10 Most Powerful Titans in Greek Mythology

1Cronus, Titan of Time, Evil, and Harvest

2Atlas, Titan of Strength and Endurance

3Iapetus, Titan of Pain and Mortality

4Hyperion, Titan of Power, Light, and Fire

Hyperion, Titan of Power, Light, and Fire

5Oceanus, Titan of the Sea

6Crius (Krios), Titan of Constellation and Stars

7Prometheus, Titan of Forethought

8Coeus (Koios), Titan of Farsight and the Mind

9Rhea, Titaness of Motherhood

10Helios, Titan of the Sun

11Tethys, Titaness of Rivers and Lakes

12Mnemosyne, Titaness of Memory

13Phoebe, Titaness of Intellect and the Oracle

14Theia, Titaness of Sight and Vision

15Themis, Titaness of Divine Law and Order