Top 10 Most Romantic Things to Do With Her

1Kiss her slowly so she can feel every spark

Kiss her slowly so she can feel every spark

2Hug her tightly under the starry night

3While watching the sunset, hug her from behind, kiss her cheek, and whisper in her ear

4Hug and kiss her from behind and tell her you love her

5Kiss her deeply on the lips and say, "You'll always be mine, forever."

6Kiss her on the neck while dancing to slow music

7Lie with her in bed, wrapping your arms around her and perhaps stroking her hair

8Watch the sunset on a secluded beach

9Run through a large field together, fall down when you're tired, kiss her, and say she's adorable

10Lie on the roof of your car at midnight and watch the stars

11Nestle her head against your chest and stroke her hair

12Take her to a restaurant with only one table, surrounded by candlelight and soft music

13Send a handwritten message expressing your love

14Watch "Duck Dynasty" reruns and drink boxed wine over crushed ice

15Kiss her in the middle of her sentence

16Pull her away from her friends and sing songs to her

17Take her on a long evening drive away from her house

18Every time you see her after a long period, wrap your arms around her and playfully refuse to let go

19Light a fire and sit on the carpet while watching her favorite film

20Hold hands while walking on a private beach, just the two of you

21Go skinny dipping

22Take her to the terrace under the moon and say that even the envious moon hides behind clouds

23Watch a movie with her

24Fill your room with blue lights and slow music, perfect for dancing

25Take her to her favorite restaurant and place a wedding ring in her glass

26Enjoy a bubble bath with candles, low light, and soft music

27Hold hands while walking along the beach on a starry night

28Feign a kiss on her lips and quickly peck her on the nose

29During a hug, tell her that you adore her

30Lie in a field of grass on a summer's night, play slow music, and kiss her

31Send flowers and a love card to her house, along with her favorite candy

32Kiss her in the rain

33Do everything she loves and support her every day

34Take her back to the place where you first met

35If she falls asleep on a couch or is tired, bring her to bed, lie her down, and wrap your body around her, saying, "I love you."