Top 10 Phobias | Things People Fear

1Arachnophobia - fear of spiders

Arachnophobia - fear of spiders

2Acrophobia - fear of heights

Acrophobia - fear of heights

3Nyctohylophobia - fear of the dark

Nyctohylophobia - fear of the dark

4Coulrophobia - fear of clowns

Coulrophobia - fear of clowns

5Thanatophobia - fear of death

Thanatophobia - fear of death

6Claustrophobia - fear of confined spaces

Claustrophobia - fear of confined spaces

7Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia - fear of long words

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia - fear of long words

8Ophidiophobia - fear of snakes

Ophidiophobia - fear of snakes

9Monophobia - fear of being alone

Monophobia - fear of being alone

10Apiphobia - fear of bees

Apiphobia - fear of bees

11Astrophobia - fear of outer space

Astrophobia - fear of outer space

12Galeophobia - fear of sharks

Galeophobia - fear of sharks

13Gephyriphobia - fear of bridges

Gephyriphobia - fear of bridges

14Necrophobia - fear of dead things

Necrophobia - fear of dead things

15Automatonophobia: fear of a ventriloquist's dummy

16Ovinaphobia - fear of sheep

Ovinaphobia - fear of sheep

17Glossophobia - fear of public speaking

Glossophobia - fear of public speaking

18Cynophobia - fear of dogs

Cynophobia - fear of dogs

19Lilapsophobia - fear of tornadoes and hurricanes

Lilapsophobia - fear of tornadoes and hurricanes

20Phobophobia - fear of fear itself

Phobophobia - fear of fear itself

21Taphophobia - fear of being buried alive

Taphophobia - fear of being buried alive

22Arachibutyrophobia - fear of getting peanut butter stuck on the roof of your mouth

Arachibutyrophobia - fear of getting peanut butter stuck on the roof of your mouth

23Cathisophobia: fear of sitting

Cathisophobia: fear of sitting

24Spectrophobia - fear of ghosts and phantoms

Spectrophobia - fear of ghosts and phantoms

25Demonophobia - fear of demons

Demonophobia - fear of demons

26Parthenophobia - fear of young girls

Parthenophobia - fear of young girls

27Pentheraphobia: fear of mother-in-law

28Papaphobia - fear of the pope

Papaphobia - fear of the pope

29Atychiphobia - fear of failure

Atychiphobia - fear of failure

30Trypophobia - fear of a cluster of holes

Trypophobia - fear of a cluster of holes

31Phonophobia - fear of loud noises

Phonophobia - fear of loud noises

32Tokophobia - fear of childbirth or pregnancy

Tokophobia - fear of childbirth or pregnancy

33Spheksophobia - fear of wasps

Spheksophobia - fear of wasps

34Pyrophobia - fear of fire

Pyrophobia - fear of fire

35Catoptrophobia: fear of mirrors

Catoptrophobia: fear of mirrors