Top 10 Reasons Democrats are Better Than Republicans

1Democrats Are Not Homophobic

2Democrats Acknowledge The Separation of Church and State

3Democrats Believe Healthcare Is A Right

4Democrats Don't Try To Live In The Past

5Democrats Support Greener Energy

6Democrats Support Stricter Gun Control

7Democrats Believe In Climate Change

8Democrats Support Equal Pay For Women

9Democrats Support Education Funding Over Military Funding

10Democrats Believe that Everyone is Equal

11Democrats Believe in Natural Rights

12Democrats Support Minimum Wage Increase

13Democrats Know Military Action Should Be The Last Resort, Not The First

14Democrats are Not Racist

15Democrats Accept Immigrants and Refugees

16Democrats Believe in a Better Education

17Democrats Care About Poor People

18Democrats Care About the Environment

19They are Not Hypocritical About "Political Correctness."

20Democrats Don't Just Target The Upper Class

21Democrats Believe in Right to Privacy

22The Economy Has Performed Better Under Democratic Presidents

23Democrats Acknowledge that They're Immature.

24Democrats Don't Vote for Donald Trump

25Democrats Don't Get Mad Over Little Things Like a Gay Character in a Disney Movie

26Most Democrats Support Net Neutrality

27The Democratic Party is the More Diverse of the Two Main Parties

28Democrats Have Common Sense

29Recessions are More Likely to Occur Under Republicans

30They Give Citizenship to Immigrants.

31Democrats Treat All Lives Equally

32Democrats Support Voting Rights

33Democrats Do Not Subscribe to Idiotic Conspiracy Theories Like Pizzagate

34Democrats Don't Believe They are Still Living in the Wild Wild West Era America - The Country of Guns

35Republicans Put Corporations Over People