Top 10 Reasons Kids Under the Age of 18 Shouldn't Be Allowed to Vote In Government Elections

1There are too many childish adults voting in government elections already

2Kids will vote for politicians for the wrong reasons

3Kids voting is the last thing the economy needs

4Kids don't have authority everywhere else in life

5Kids can be brainwash to vote for one party opinion

6Most kids simply can't handle the responsibility of voting

7Most kids lack maturity when it comes to politics

8Kids have other priorities other than politics

9Kids have more intellectual ability than intellectual reasoning

10They don't know what is good and what is bad.

11Kids might vote for celebrity presidents

12Kids will base their political opinion off of unreliable sources

13They will vote based on looks but not acts

14Some kids don't know anything about politics

15Parents will pressure their kids to vote for certain candidates

16Kids won't even know anything about politics

17Kids are kids, let them be kids until they can't be kids

18It will increase the population because grown ups will want to have more kids so they have more votes on their side

19Some kids will just vote for who ever their friends are voting for.

20They could accidentally vote for people like Trump

21Some kids will mess around with voting

22Some kids might get made fun of for who they voted for

23They could be deceived into going left wing

24Kids won't even care about politics and vote anyway

25They should be carefree and happy without the weight of life on their shoulders whilst they can

26They will do what their parents say

27Sometimes people don't realise what is actually going on

28They could be deceived into going right wing

29They are ignorant even though they think they are not

30Kids don't have life experience

31Kids are not mature

32They need to worry about home work

33They are not matured

34Kids get confused

35Kids might vote for whomever their friends vote for.