Top 10 Reasons People Think Americans are Stupid

1A clown like Donald Trump is in the race for president

2American arrogance

3The United States is the only first world nation without universal health care

4A higher percentage of Americans do not believe in evolution than almost all other first world nations

5Americans elected George W. Bush, TWICE!

6Americans don't know much about countries outside of America

7Americans shoot each other at an alarming rate

8America thinks they have the right to solve the world's problems, all while they can't even solve their own.

9Americans don't understand what Socialism means

10Haven't switched to the metric system

11Americans brag a lot about their country

12Americans are obsessed with social media

1350% of the population thinks the earth is 6,000 years old

14Americans elected Barack Obama, TWICE!

15American'¬ôs scores on standardized tests are falling when compared to the rest of the world

16Americans are greedy towards petroleum products

17A higher percentage of American population is incarcerated than in any other first world nation

18Poor and middle class families vote for Republicans

19Americans discriminate against immigrants applying for jobs

20Americans take drugs

21Americans don't know about their own country

22Americans elected Donald Trump as president

23Americans are falling more and more away from God

24Americans cannot see difference in cultural or religious groups

25Americans believe a corporately controlled federal government doesn't hurt them

26Many Americans think that the world is 2016 years old

27American students get scholarships to ivy league universities based on their athletic performance

28Americans are too close-minded

29American law is ridiculous

30Obesity rates in the United States lead to people thinking Americans are lazy and stupid

31It took 239 years to legalize gay marriage

32Americans are conformists, they don't like progression

33Members from both political parties cannot argue properly or think critically

34Many Americans believe "gun control" means "gun ban"

35Americans believe that "Asia" means "China"