Top 10 Reasons to Not Have Children

1It can be stressful

It can be stressful

2It ruins your body

3They can be brats

They can be brats

4They'll spend all your money




6They cry a lot as babies and little kids

They cry a lot as babies and little kids

7Less freedom

8They may hate you

9If they drop out of school, they'll have to live with you

10More responsibilities

11They will ruin your life forever

12You'll most likely clean up after them

13They could be a criminal or serial killer

14If they get in trouble, it's your problem

15They are annoying

They are annoying

16They could become bullies

They could become bullies

17Dealing with boyfriend/girlfriend relationships

18They throw tantrums

They throw tantrums

19They will not listen to you

20They cry

They cry

21You're responsible for their life

22Your life, as you knew it, is never the same.

23You can't travel or go on vacation

24They hit

25You can't give them back

26They have loud voices