Top 10 Reasons Why Abortion Should Be Legal

1Another woman's body is none of your business

2The girl could have been raped

The girl could have been raped

3Sometimes giving birth could kill the woman

4Life starts at birth not at conception

5Abortion is a right

6Making it illegal only makes abortions unsafe

7Religion shouldn't affect the law

8The family might not be able to afford a living for the baby

9The fetus won't feel any pain

10Nobody should have the right to use somebody else's body without their consent

11Even animals abort their babies

12The mother might die if she doesn't have an abortion.

13Preventative measures don't always work

14The baby might make the mother's life harder

15The baby could come out with physical or mental defects

16The pregnant girl could be very young


18Some of us are just too lazy to take care of a baby

19If a baby was put up for adoption, it might suffer even more

20Unwanted children are likely to receive a poor upbringing

21The woman may not be in the right mental state to have a baby

22The baby could be evil

23Because some people hate babies

24Pro-life is outdated

25The government has no right to intervene in the private lives of citizens

269 months of pregnancy is hard

27The baby might have died

28We are born when we come out of the womb

29You are a single mother

30Raising a child to age 18 is too much work

31You can do whatever you want with the baby