Top 10 Reasons Why Smart Classmates are Better Than Popular Classmates

1Popular classmates are mean and judgmental

2Smart classmates are more successful in the future

3Popular classmates only care about social life and gossips

4Popular classmates act fake

5Smart classmates have more experiences about frustration

6Smart classmates have better taste in music

7Smart classmates are usually stronger on the inside

8Popular classmates don't have a life

9Popular classmates use more pointless slang words and dirty curse words than smart classmates

10Smart people are polite

11Popular people are constantly on their phones

12Popular people are more likely to bully

13Smart people are more mature

14Popular people will hate you if you win an argument against them, because smart people have better points

15Smart people will know what you are going through

16Some popular people are spoiled

17Popular classmates don't have any friends just sports teammates

18Smart people may be able to handle situations more effectively

19The only reason most of the popular people are popular is because of their looks

20Smart people tend to have a better sense of humor

21Smart people don't have to be with others to be happy

22Smart people are your go to for homework help