Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Make Fun of People with Autism

1It's not their fault they have autism

2It's inhumane and rude

3They're human beings, too

4They are intelligent, even if others think otherwise

5There's nothing wrong with having autism

6They are very nice people

7There are many amazing autistic people

8They get easily angered if you make fun of them

9Bullying is never okay

Bullying is never okay

10You can't change who they are

11You might get a child with autism

12It makes today's society seem awful

13Autism makes autistic people special and who they are

14Your best friends could have autism

15It's not funny

16You might have autism yourself

17They may become great people

18They have feelings

19They've already been bullied too much

20They are very normal people.

21Not all autistic people are the same

22They are really good detectives

23Because you're not perfect either

24It makes you look stupid

25You'll look like a jerk

26They have may have friends

27There's more to life than mocking people

28They have more potential than you would expect

29It's abelist

30They are fun people to be around with

31It's a serious topic

32They're not as bad as you think they are

33They are very forgiving

34They are stereotyped

35They are not worthless