Top 10 Similarities Between SJWs and the Alt Right

1Both are easily triggered snowflakes

2Both claim to support things that they actually hate

3Both give a bad name to their side

4Both are racist

5Both support violent and extremist groups

6Both are sexist

7Both are degenerates

8Both have stupid comments that are fun to read

9Both despise Jewish people

10Both ignore science

11Both ruin memes

12Both ruined the internet

13Both act authoritarian

14Both get stuck on people'¬ôs past

15Both accuse the other of doing what they do themselves

16Both are immature

17Both complain constantly

18Both are crybabies when it comes to media

19Both are responsible for violence against political figures

20Both harass anybody who is sane

21Both claim to hate things they actually support

22Both become the very things they swear to destroy

23Both have ruined social media

24Both make people lose faith in humanity

25Both are hypocrites

26Both are homophobes