Top 10 Types of People at the School Cafeteria

1Nasty People

2Fast Eaters

3Loud People

4Slow Eaters


6Popular People

7Lonely People

8People that Clean

9People that are Playing

10People that Cuss

11People that Blast Explicit Music

12Kids Who Misbehave at Lunch

13Ugly People

14Cute Girls

15People Who Chew with Their Mouth Open

16Creepy Girls that Stare at You

17People Who Spill Drinks All the Time

18People Who Fight

19People Who Push Into the Queue

20The Food Throwers

21The Rowdy Foodfighter

22The Kid Who Constantly Throws Up

23Kids Who Applaud for No Reason

24The Geek Group that No One Talks To

25The Rallyers