Top 10 Worst Holiday Combinations

1April Fool's Day and Valentine's Day

2April Fool's Day and Christmas

3Halloween and Christmas

Halloween and Christmas

4Valentine's Day and Halloween

5New Year's Day and Independence Day

6April Fool's Day and Mother's Day

7St. Patrick's Day and Halloween

8April Fool's Day and Father's Day

9Columbus Day and Valentine's Day

10April Fool's Day and Remembrance/Veteran's Day

11Mother's Day and Halloween

12Tomato Day and Dia de Los Muertos

13Easter and Halloween

14National Sit on the Toilet Day and National Don't Sit Down Day

15Father's Day and Halloween

16Thanksgiving and Christmas

17Independence Day and Christmas

18Independence Day and Halloween

19St George's Day and Independence Day

20Halloween and Remembrance/Veteran's Day

21April Fool's Day and Easter

22Independence Day and Cinco de Mayo

23Mother's Day and Independence Day

24Valentine's Day and Independence Day

25Thanksgiving and Halloween

26Easter and Christmas