Top 10 Worst/Stupidest SJW Moments on College Campuses

1UC Berkeley students start riots after hearing that Milo Yiannopolous would be giving a speech

2Evergreen State creating a day of segregation by making white students leave campus for a day

3Minority students state they feel marginalized by masculine wood paneling

4Students at the University of California create a blockade to block white students from getting to class

5Student states that they "feared for their life" after seeing "Trump 2016" written in chalk

6Catholic College suspends a student for saying "There are only 2 genders" and has people investigate if it is a hate crime

7College president attacked for Tweeting "#AllLivesMatter"

8White student assaulted for wearing dreadlocks

9Student yells at professor to "be quiet" after posting a tweet about Halloween costumes

10UCLA professor was called "racist" and "guilty of micro-aggression" against black students for correcting grammar and spelling issues in their papers, and a protest was organized

11Students at Evergreen State bully a liberal professor named Bret Weinstein into leaving the college