Top 10 Worst Things About P.E. Lessons

1They rob you of your dignity

2They expect you to enjoy it

3P.E. teachers are always merciless tyrants

4A student bad at most subjects but good at PE is said to be doing well. A student good at most subjects but bad at PE is considered to be doing badly.

5P.E. teachers act like it's the most important thing ever

6You get mocked if you do badly

7Exhaustion is no excuse

8You have to do it


10It's dull and boring

11The Beep Test

12Being forced to run a mile

13It's embarrassing when you do poorly

14Fat teachers that sit in a chair eating Big Macs while making you run miles

15It is extremely useless

16P.E. teachers only say nice things about the popular kids

17Your coach is sexist

18Kids get too competitive

19You don't know how to play, and the teacher yells at you

You don

20Teacher is out of shape

21P.E. teachers expect you to remember every single rule of the sport, and if you accidentally forget one rule, they yell.

22P.E. teachers act like math teachers while teaching in P.E.

23P.E. teachers don't let you take breaks when you're hot and sweaty

24You are the only one who's bad in class

25If you are bad, it puts pressure on you

26The only things you are 'learning' you already learn in science

27Sport bras

28You are trying to be yourself and not "fit in" or being "cool and awesome" but by doing PE that's exactly what you are doing.

29You are forced to change in the locker room

30You get a Zero if you don't participate.


32You are forced to go play sports you don't want to

33Nipple sweat

34Favouritism of athletic people