Top 10 Worst Things to Hear from Teachers

1Class, the bell doesn't dismiss you, I do.

2I'm calling your parents


3Get over here right now!

4I don't care who started it!

5Go to the principal's office now!

6Where's your homework?

7Nobody's leaving until I say so

8You can not go to the bathroom

9Class, here's your homework

Class, here

10Pop quiz!

11The essay must be at least 3 pages long

12The whole class misses recess

13No talking

14Give me your phone

15We need to have a talk. You're not in trouble.

16Go back and walk

17Can you pay attention for once

18You have detention

19Sit down!

20Go to the end of the line

21I am an adult and you are a child

22What's today's excuse?

23Shut the hell up!

24You! Yes, you young man!

25"Damn" is a bad word, don't say it

26'œDarn' is a bad word, don't say it

27I have zero tolerance for this

28Get over here!

29You're expelled

30School is in

31You know what, do it by yourselves, see if you can figure this out

32You have to write an essay

33No recess for you


35Shut your mouth and be quiet