Top 10 Worst Times and Places to Have a Party

1The Date of Your Death

2At a Funeral

3During an Operation



5In an Exam

6April Fool's Day

7Remembrance Day

8In Court

In Court

9During Sex

During Sex

10In a Waiting Room

11On an Operating Table

12When You're Stranded All Alone in the Pacific Ocean and You Have as Companions a Chimp, a Tiger, and a Zebra.

13On a Busy Railroad

14At School

At School

15In a Police Car

16In an Ambulance

17In the Desert

18In a Bathroom

19At a Satanic Church

20In Front of a Police Station

21In Jail

In Jail

22When Trying to Land a Plane Safely Into Water

23In a Library

24Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria

25A Serial Killer's House

26In a Landmine Site


28In Prison

29At the Police Station