Top 10 Worst Types of Fictional Characters

1The Mary Sue/Gary Sue

The Mary Sue/Gary Sue

2The whiny one

The whiny one

3The annoying popular girl

4The ripoff

5The bully

The bully

6The damsel in distress

The damsel in distress

7The one who has no consequences for their actions

8The romantic vampire

The romantic vampire

9The unnecessary love interest

10The small-sized comic-relief sidekick that is annoying

11The know it all

12The bratty teenage daughter

13The one with no character development

14The pedophile

The pedophile

15The tsundere

The tsundere

16The one with no personality

17The brooding pretty boy

18The forgettable character

19The butt-monkey

The butt-monkey

20The evil stepmother

The evil stepmother

21The forbidden lover

22The comic relief who provides toilet humor

23The animal abuser

24The yandere

The yandere

25The androgynous villain

The androgynous villain

26The overprotective dad

27The gamer kid

28The idiot

29The one dimensional character

30The creator's pet

31The hot head

The hot head

32The comic relief evil trio

33The lovesick one

34The dumb blonde

35The bullied kid