Top 100 Premier League Players

Top 100 Premier League Players

The English Premier League, renowned for its fierce competition, breathtaking goals, and passionate fanbase, has seen some of the world's finest football talents grace its stadiums over the years. From astonishing goal scorers to elegant playmakers, and commanding defenders to agile goalkeepers, these exceptional players have left an indelible mark on the league's history.

In this compilation, we present the "Top 100 Premier League Players" up to September 2021, a tribute to the footballing icons who have enthralled fans and etched their names into the annals of the beautiful game. This list celebrates the players' contributions, skill, and dedication, which have made them stand out among the plethora of talents that have graced the league.

From legendary figures of the past, such as Eric Cantona and Thierry Henry, to modern-day stars like Mohamed Salah and Virgil van Dijk, each player on this esteemed roster has left an unmistakable legacy within the Premier League. Their moments of brilliance, breathtaking goals, and unforgettable performances have resonated with fans worldwide, transcending the sport itself.

While assembling this list, we considered various factors, including goal-scoring prowess, defensive mastery, creative flair, leadership, and impact on their respective clubs. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that football is inherently subjective, and player preferences may vary among fans and pundits alike.

Join us as we embark on this journey through the Premier League's history, celebrating the greatness of the past and present, and honoring the extraordinary talents that have shaped the league into the global spectacle it is today. These players have provided countless moments of joy, heartache, and excitement, ensuring that the allure of the Premier League remains eternal in the hearts of football enthusiasts worldwide.

1Aguero, Sergio

time top scorer.

2Alonso, Marcos

back known for his attacking contributions.

3Aubameyang, Pierre

Speedy forward and Arsenal's main goal threat.

4Baines, Leighton

back with impressive crossing ability.

5Bale, Gareth

Dynamic winger and versatile attacker.

6Beckham, David

piece specialist.

7Bergkamp, Dennis

Creative genius and key figure in Arsenal's success.

8Cantona, Eric

Influential playmaker and talisman for Manchester United.

9Carragher, Jamie

serving Liverpool player.

10Cech, Petr

Outstanding goalkeeper with a record number of clean sheets.

11Cole, Ashley

back and defensive stalwart.

12Cole, Joe

Composed defender and England international.

13Drogba, Didier

Powerful striker and Chelsea legend.

14Fabregas, Cesc

Maestro midfielder with excellent passing abilities.

15Ferdinand, Rio

Elegant defender and crucial part of Manchester United's defense.

16Firmino, Roberto

Intelligent forward and vital to Liverpool's attacking play.

17Gerrard, Steven

Inspirational captain and midfield maestro.

18Giggs, Ryan

Legendary winger with an illustrious career at Manchester United.

19Gomez, Joe

Strong central defender and England international.

20Hazard, Eden

Exceptionally skilled attacker and Chelsea's star player.

21Henry, Thierry

class striker.

22Keane, Roy

Tenacious midfielder and leader for Manchester United.

23Kewell, Harry

Exciting winger and crucial for Leeds United during their peak.

24Kompany, Vincent

back and Manchester City's leader.

25Lampard, Frank

time top scorer.

26Lescott, Joleon

Reliable defender and England international.

27Lineker, Gary

Clinical striker and top goal scorer in the 1986 World Cup.

28Lloris, Hugo

Accomplished goalkeeper and Tottenham's captain.

29Lukaku, Romelu

Strong striker and consistent goal scorer.

30Mahrez, Riyad

Skillful winger and vital for Manchester City's attack.

31Mane, Sadio

quick forward and key player for Liverpool.

32Milner, James

Versatile and hardworking midfielder with vast experience.

33Matic, Nemanja

Strong defensive midfielder and pivotal for Manchester United.

34Owen, Michael

Natural goal scorer and former England star.

35Pogba, Paul

class talent.

36Ramos, Sergio

back and leader for Manchester City.

37Robertson, Andrew

back and creative force for Liverpool.

38Rooney, Wayne

Record goal scorer for Manchester United and England.

39Salah, Mohamed

Prolific winger and Liverpool's talisman.

40Scholes, Paul

Genius midfielder and integral to Manchester United's success.

41Shearer, Alan

time top scorer and prolific striker.

42Silva, David

Silky playmaker and Manchester City's legend.

43Sterling, Raheem

Speedy winger and pivotal for Manchester City.

44Suarez, Luis

Lethal striker and top scorer in the 2013/14 season.

45Terry, John

back and Chelsea's captain.

46Toure, Yaya

box midfielder and instrumental in Manchester City's triumphs.

47Van Dijk, Virgil

Dominant defender and key to Liverpool's success.

48Vardy, Jamie

winning season.

49Vieira, Patrick

Powerful midfielder and vital in Arsenal's dominant era.

50Vieri, Christian

Prolific striker during his time at several Premier League clubs.

51Adams, Tony

Resolute defender and captain of Arsenal's successful era.

52Alonso, Xabi

Classy midfielder with superb passing skills.

53Anelka, Nicolas

Agile striker and valuable asset to various Premier League clubs.

54Azpilicueta, Cesar

Versatile and reliable defender for Chelsea.

55Ballack, Michael

Strong midfielder and key player for Chelsea.

56Bergkamp, Dennis

Creative genius and key figure in Arsenal's success.

57Campbell, Sol

back and defensive rock.

58Carrick, Michael

Elegant midfielder and anchor for Manchester United.

59Cazorla, Santi

Skillful playmaker and crucial for Arsenal's midfield.

60Cole, Andy



Skillful and intelligent midfielder who excelled at Chelsea.

62De Gea, David

stopper and Manchester United's reliable goalkeeper.

63Duff, Damien

Pacy winger and a key figure for Chelsea.

64Eto'o, Samuel

Clinical striker who made an impact during his time at Chelsea.

65Evra, Patrice

back and influential for Manchester United.

66Ferdinand, Anton

Solid defender and part of West Ham's successful team.

67Forlan, Diego

Prolific striker during his time at Manchester United.

68Fowler, Robbie


69Gallas, William

Versatile defender and crucial for Chelsea and Arsenal.

70Gyan, Asamoah

Impactful striker during his spell at Sunderland.

71Hasselbaink, Jimmy

scoring record.

72Henderson, Jordan

Energetic midfielder and key for Liverpool's engine room.

73Kante, N'Golo

Tireless midfielder and a linchpin for Leicester City and Chelsea.

74Keane, Robbie

Skilled forward and prolific goal scorer for various clubs.

75Kuyt, Dirk

Hardworking forward and versatile for Liverpool.

76Lampard, Frank

time top scorer.

77Laudrup, Michael

Classy playmaker who showcased his skills at several clubs.

78Lehmann, Jens

Reliable goalkeeper and instrumental for Arsenal's success.

79Mahrez, Riyad

Skillful winger and pivotal for Manchester City's attack.

80Makelele, Claude

Defensive midfielder and influential for Chelsea.

81Milner, James

Versatile and hardworking midfielder with vast experience.

82Modric, Luka

Exceptional playmaker during his time at Tottenham.

83Morientes, Fernando

A striker with an impact at Liverpool.


Skillful winger who contributed to Manchester United's success.

85Neville, Gary

back and a stalwart at Manchester United.

86Okocha, Jay

Dazzling midfielder and Bolton Wanderers' star.

87Pires, Robert

Elegant winger and a crucial part of Arsenal's "Invincibles."


Spanish striker who played briefly for Wolverhampton Wanderers.

89Reus, Marco

Skilful attacking midfielder who impressed at Newcastle United.

90Robben, Arjen

Pacy winger who briefly featured for Chelsea.

91Rondon, Salomon

Strong striker who impressed at West Bromwich Albion.

92Sane, Leroy

Speedy winger and valuable for Manchester City's attack.

93Sneijder, Wesley

Talented midfielder who had a brief stint at Manchester United.

94Solskjaer, Ole Gunnar


95Solano, Nolberto

Skilful midfielder and valuable for Newcastle United.

96Tevez, Carlos

Tenacious striker and key player for Manchester City.

97Torres, Fernando

Prolific forward and played for Liverpool and Chelsea.

98Van Persie, Robin

Superb striker and top scorer in his time at Arsenal.

99Vidic, Nemanja

solid defender and crucial for Manchester United.

100Zola, Gianfranco

Gifted playmaker and a Chelsea legend.