Top Ten Appearances of Donald Duck in Movies, TV Shows, Short Films, and Video Games

1Donald Duck - DuckTales (2017)

2Donald Duck - The Three Caballeros

3Donald Duck - Der Fuehrer's Face

4Donald Duck - Kingdom Hearts Series

5Donald Duck - Legend of the Three Caballeros

6Donald Duck - Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers

7Donald Duck - Who Framed Roger Rabbit

8Donald Duck - Donald Duck and the Gorilla

9Donald Duck - Fun and Fancy Free / Mickey and the Beanstalk

10Donald Duck - Saludos Amigos

11Donald Duck - Mickey Mouse (2013 Series)

12Donald Duck - House of Mouse

13Donald Duck - The Wise Little Hen

14Donald Duck - Cured Duck

15Donald Duck - A Goofy Movie

16Donald Duck - The Hockey Champ

17Donald Duck - Quackshot

18Donald Duck - World of Illusion

19Donald Duck - Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas

20Donald Duck - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

21Donald Duck - Donald in Mathmagic Land