Top Ten Concepts Younger Siblings Need to Grasp

1Respect Your Older Sibling's Authority

2The World Does Not Revolve Around You

3You Aren't the Boss

4You Can't Force Older Siblings to Like What You Like

5You Can't Make Decisions for Older Siblings

6You Don't Need All the Attention All the Time

7You Need to Ask Before You Borrow Things

8Pop is Not the Good Music

9Talking About the Same Thing Gets Tedious

10You Need to Grow Up

11You Need to Knock Before You Enter

12You Should Be Doing Something Useful with Your Life Instead of Deliberately Pestering People

13You are Too Young For Some Movies

14Not Everything Older Siblings Do Should Get Told to Parents

15"I'm Doing Homework" Does Not Mean "Trash the Whole Room"

16Screaming Will Get You Nowhere Unless You Join a Heavy Metal Band

17You Need to Take Responsibility for Your Own Actions

18You are Nothing

19Older Siblings Have Feelings Too

20Swearing is Wrong

21Bullying Your Older Sibling is Hurtful

22You Must Say Please, Thank You, and Excuse Me

23Listen Instead of Talk

24Older siblings are terrified for their safety and innocence

25Older Siblings Hate When Younger Ones Parent, Police, or Correct Them

26Don't give advice unless you were asked for it

27Anything they say can and will be used against them