Top Ten Most Annoying Things Girlfriends Do

1Force you to talk on the phone

2Go on and on about stuff you don't care about

3Try to get you to go to concerts for artists you don't like

4Force you to sit on her couch and watch her sing songs into a hairbrush

5Take your virginity, tell you that she loves you, then break up with you

6Cry if you don't say hi to her

7Try to get your attention and throw a tantrum if you don't give it

8Try to make out with you in front of coworkers

9Ask you out of nowhere to marry her

10Complain about how fat she is

11Force you to watch movies you won't like

12Not let you watch porn

13Make you listen to music you don't like

14Talk about her ex

15Dump you

16Cheat on you

17Nag you over everything

18Be mean to your friends

19Accuse you of cheating

20Talk during sex

21Only notice when you want sex

22Brag about you to her friends

23Call you embarrassing nicknames

24Be overly possessive

25Making assumptions and come to conclusions when she hardly knows anything yet

26Tell her friends to back off