Top Ten Reasons High School is Better Than Middle School

1You get to pick classes

2Less bullying

3More to do

4More people to meet

5Better food

6Easier dress code

7Fewer nonsense rules

8More common sense

9Honors and AP classes

10Better teachers

11More freedom

12You can leave school at lunch

13Better sports

14Assemblies are more fun

15Less homework

16Fewer snitches

17More physically mature students

18You can get away with swearing

19Closer to college

20Fewer periods

21Is the last school you have to pass

22No assigned seats at lunch

234 years left

24No "Bathroom Pass"

25Nicer people

26More opportunities

27Better behavior

28Going to the prom

29No more loud pep sessions

30Fewer mean kids

31Less strict

32Get to join in clubs

33You can eat outside

34You get to graduate

35Freshman and Sophmores and Juniors and Seniors come get together in homeroom class