Top Ten Reasons Why Christianity is Wonderful

1We have God as our heavenly father

2Christianity teaches us to love one another, unconditionally

3Our Lord died on the cross for us

4Forgiveness of our sins

5Christianity teaches charity towards those in need

6Historically, hospitals were started by Christians

7Christianity inspired so many works of beautiful art

8Christianity inspired so many works of beautiful music



11You'll feel happy in yourself

12We have Mary as Our Blessed Mother


14We have a wonderful God to praise

15It would help you for the future

16You don't need to fear anything or anyone

17Christian Metal

18No evil will ever escape justice

19Crisis hotlines were started by a Christian clergyman

20Christian Rock

21You'll feel more religious

22The Good Side

23Christian Hip Hop

24No good will ever go unrewarded

25Christian Pop

26It gives people happiness

27It has a lot of holidays