Top Ten Reasons Why School Should Be Optional

1Not everything you learn is necessary

2Some teachers don't care about the students

3Students could spend more time with their family

4Some students have a hard time

5There are school bullies

6Most students forget what they learn

7School causes a lot of stress

8Teachers don't understand the students

9Students won't need to worry about popularity

10It is very cool these days to be stupid

11People spend a significant amount of their lives at school

12Lunch tastes better at home

13It's a waste of time

14School is similar to sending students to prison for 7-8 hours

15School keeps you away from being a kid

16It's all work and no play.

17School can cause depression

18We are forced to take classes we know we won't major in

19Schools don't let kids do the work they want to do

20Sometimes kids don't feel safe at school

21People spend so much of their lives doing school and homework we don't have enough time to do what we enjoy

22Some people don't want to learn

23Students don't get enough sleep

24Students don't get paid

25It teaches as much immortality as it does discipline

26There are stinky washrooms at school

27Kids can get more exercise