Top Ten Things that First Come to Mind When You Mention Certain Countries

1Pyramids (Egypt)

Pyramids (Egypt)

2Paris (France)

Paris (France)

3Tacos (Mexico)

Tacos (Mexico)

4IKEA (Sweden)

IKEA (Sweden)

5Pizza (Italy)

Pizza (Italy)

6War (Syria)

War (Syria)

7Vladimir Putin (Russia)

Vladimir Putin (Russia)

8History (Greece)

History (Greece)

9Afternoon Tea (United Kingdom)

Afternoon Tea (United Kingdom)

10Wealth (Monaco)

Wealth (Monaco)

11Sushi (Japan)

Sushi (Japan)

12Beer (Germany)

Beer (Germany)

13Curry (India)

Curry (India)

14Heavy Metal (Finland)

Heavy Metal (Finland)

15Cheeseburgers (United States)

Cheeseburgers (United States)

16Wealth (Norway)

Wealth (Norway)

17Rugby (New Zealand)

Rugby (New Zealand)

18Apartheid (Israel)

19Spiders (Australia)

Spiders (Australia)

20Fjords (Norway)

Fjords (Norway)

21War (Yemen)

War (Yemen)

22Weed (Jamaica)

Weed (Jamaica)

23The Empire State Building (United States)

The Empire State Building (United States)

24Wealth (Singapore)

25Basketball (Lithuania)

Basketball (Lithuania)

26Lions (South Africa)

Lions (South Africa)

27Minecraft (Sweden)

Minecraft (Sweden)

28Lager (Australia)

29Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Poland)

30Extreme Poverty (Botswana)

31Wealth (Moldova)

32North Korea 2.0 (Singapore)

North Korea 2.0 (Singapore)