Top Ten Things You Didn't Know About the UK

1It is effectively legal to clone humans in the UK

2The Queen has to ask for permission to get into The City of London

3It'™s home to the Lake District'¦ which is only home to one lake

4There are volcanoes in the UK

5The first word in the British anthem is "God" however it is one of the most irreligious countries in the world

6It takes 88p to make the Shield

7There's 3 Londons in the UK

8You can never be more than 70 miles (114 km) from the sea anywhere in the UK

9The Big Ben has only ever stopped chiming 3 times in its 152-year life

10The UK has an organization which tracks weird laws

11The UK once had a train for the dead

121209 London had a bridge with houses people lived in and then the bridge was demolished in 1762