Top Ten Things You Should Never Do If You Like a Girl

1Tell People You Like Her

Tell People You Like Her

2Stare Blankly At Her

3Send Notes/Texts

4Bother Her About It

5Talk About How You'll Never Get Her

6State Your Inappropriate Thoughts About Her Out Loud

7Buy Her Anything

8Treat Her Like She's Perfect

9Send Nudes

10Ask Her Out

11Insult Her

12Sing Her Dirty Lyrics

13Say Anything to Her About How Much You Like Her

14Make Her Think You Stopped Talking to Her

15Kiss Her Without Her Knowing

16Touch Her Without Her Permission

17Slap Her

18Tease Her

19Ask to See Her Naked

20Do Something Weird in Front of Her

21Tell Her that You Wanna Be Friends

22Call Her a Name

23Call "Us" BF and GF

24Give Her a Valentines Card with Your Name on It

25Blocking Them When the Girl Tries to Get Attention from You

26Flirt with Other Girls in Front of Her