Top Ten Things Your Parents Do That You Don't Like

1Be over-protective

2Judge you

Judge you

3Don't let you do things you want to do


4Listen to old music

5Sing to modern songs

6Pretend to understand you

7Review your music

8Compare you to other kids

9Listen to modern pop music

10Blame you for what your siblings did

11Not feel sympathy for you

12Constantly remind you to do stuff

13Expect you to apologize when you do something wrong but they refuse to apologize to you

14Watch movies that you can't

15Threaten you

16Force you to do things that you don't want to do



18Ignore you

Ignore you

19Spank you

Spank you

20Treat you like an immature person

21Ask about your period repeatedly

22Compare you to other kids that have higher grades than you

Compare you to other kids that have higher grades than you

23Be lazy

Be lazy

24Take their anger out on you

Take their anger out on you

25Reprimand/criticize you for every little thing

26Not compromise

27Say "no"

28Tell you to not cry

Tell you to not cry

29Say you can't have snacks

Say you can

30Have different views and opinions on everything

31View you as a troublemaker

32Complain about your life too much

33Say negative things about you

34Not allow pets

35Control what you watch on TV

Control what you watch on TV