Top Ten Worst Things About Cats



2They Don't Even Like You



4They Won't Protect You

5They Aren't Domesticated

They Aren

6They Aren't Playful

7They Run Away More

8They Bring You Dead Critters

9They are Lazy

10They Come in the Same Shapes, Personalities, and Sizes; Dogs' Breeds Vary

11They are Afraid of Common Things

They are Afraid of Common Things

12They Break Things

13They Hate Human Beings

14They are Stupid

15They Aren't Loyal

16They Spread Hair Everywhere

17They Poop Too Much

18They are Very Fat

19They Love Being in Dangerous High Things

20They Don't Accept You When You Feed Them

21They Have a Morbid Amusement

22They Aren't Friendly

23They Wreck Your Furniture