Top Ten Worst Things About Christmas

1Christmas music

Christmas music

2Christmas songs in November

3Christmas commercials

4Christmas adverts in summer

5Greedy kids

6Christmas decorations in August

7Santa isn't real

Santa isn

8He sees you when you're sleeping... he knows when you're awake...

9You have to kill a tree

You have to kill a tree

10Spoiled brats

Spoiled brats

11Not getting what you really want

12Over-crowded stores

13Forgetting it wasn't originally a Christian holiday

14You have to put up all those decorations that no one appreciates and take them back down

15People brag if they get something you really wanted that you didn't get

16After Christmas letdown

17Fake Santas everywhere

Fake Santas everywhere

18School in December

19Not putting Christ in Christmas

Not putting Christ in Christmas

20People start preparing and talking about it loads in November

21Getting nothing

22You get presents

23Seeing your relatives

24No school

No school

25Eating and buying fruitcake

Eating and buying fruitcake

26Christmas crackers

27Waiting for it

28Not having a party to go to

29Winter weather

Winter weather

30Having to go to church with your school

Having to go to church with your school

31Spending loads of money

32Giving underwear as a legitimate gift

Giving underwear as a legitimate gift

33All the best video games get released in November and late October

34Shops constantly bragging about sales

35Forgetting Santa Claus was originally Father Christmas