Top Ten Worst Things to Hear from Your Parents

1Because I said so

2I like your brother/sister better than you

I like your brother/sister better than you

3You're adopted

4When I was your age...

5Now don't be nervous...

6What are you doing?

7We're getting a divorce

8I looked at your computer history...

9You have a problem

10I hate you!

11Shut up!

12You are the worst child ever!

13Hurry up!

14I read your texts... We need to have a talk...

15This is all your fault

16You're grounded


17We'¬ôre moving

18Why can't you be like your brother/sister?

19He/she is young, that's why

20Who are you texting?

Who are you texting?

21When you grow up, you can be anything

22Let me see your Instagram account....

23You're stupid


24I cleaned your room for you


26Do your homework

Do your homework

27You are useless

28How was school today?

How was school today?

29You're a disgrace

30You were an accident

31Where have you been?

32You're too young

33Go do the dishes

34Go clean your room

35We found your 'homework' folder.