Worst Things About North Korea

1Concentration camps

2No freedom of speech

3Nobody is allowed to leave the country

4Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un

5Very little food supply

6No freedom of religion

7Limited internet access


9Few places of entertainment

10Military spending

11You can't trust your own family members

12Hatred towards the USA and its allies


14Kim Jong Un wants to kill everyone




17Oppressive laws

18Nuclear weapons

19Hard for tourists to enter

20Sending young women to prostitution

21Smuggling military secrets and nuclear weapons with Pakistan

22The Pleasure Squad

23Executions of innocent people

24The cartoons

25Goose Step

26The regime cares about nobody but themselves

27North Korea hates South Korea

28North Korea allied with Russia

29Half of the population lives in extreme poverty

30Mandatory to handover human waste for farms

31Innocent cartoons are banned

32They are infidels

33The justice system is slow and corrupt

34North Korean army

35Exclusion Zone