Worst Things About the 8th Grade

1Everyone is freaking out about high school

2You get so many projects and tests, you think you'll explode

You get so many projects and tests, you think you

3Your teachers start rushing through lessons

4Everyone is still a jerk and immature

5Fearing you might end up going to a high school you don't want to go to

6You and your friends start drifting apart

7Fearing your friends might go to different high schools

8Your GPA, all of your school history, and all of your grades are sent to local high schools

9The sudden realization that the teachers really don't care if you pass.

10Trying to decide what you'll do in high school

11You become more self-conscious

12People give you crap for still liking cartoons

People give you crap for still liking cartoons

13Knowing you'll go from the oldest grade back to the youngest grade

14All you want to do is leave middle school



16Boys get more annoying and immature

17Nobody cares about your opinion



19You consistently want to die

20Mood swings

21Two faced people

22The deep thought that the person you like will never like you back

23Have more responsibility



25Your bodies start changing

26You get sweaty and awkward

27Meals suck

28No more finger painting or snack time

29Foreign languages become way harder

30Walking, one-dimensional, bleach-blonde, valley girl stereotypes

31Boys will tell you they love you when it's not true