Worst Types of Social Justice Warriors





4#MeToo supporters

5Ones who believe women are superior to men

6Special snowflakes

7Cis haters

8Ones who believe all men are rapists


10Ones who force everyone to have left-wing views

11Body shamers

12Vegan extremists



14Ones who believe all video games are violent and should be banned

15Socialists / Anti-Capitalists

16Ones who call others transphobic for assuming their pet's gender

17Gender is a social construct community

18Ones who insist certain movies, TV shows, and games are absolute masterpieces just because they feature a female, people of color, or other "minority"

19Ones who think bi, pan, trans, and ace people should be excluded from the LGBTQ+ community

20Ones who worship certain actors, politicians, journalists, etc. just because that person is SJW themselves

21Fat acceptance movement

22Ones who were actual victims of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. who are just mean.

23Ones who write essays on your comment sections

24Ones who harass people of color for dating white people

25Ones who say men should have sex with a woman if she asks

26Soccer moms