The 100 Greatest Athletes of All Time

Welcome to "The 100 Greatest Athletes of All Time," an extraordinary compilation that honors the pinnacle of sporting excellence and celebrates the remarkable individuals who have left an indelible mark on the world of sports. Prepare to embark on a journey through time as we pay homage to the legendary athletes who have inspired generations with their incredible talents, unwavering determination, and groundbreaking achievements.

This list represents the epitome of sporting greatness, meticulously curated to recognize the athletes who have transcended their respective sports and achieved feats that defy the boundaries of human capability. These extraordinary individuals have become icons, their names forever etched in the annals of history as beacons of inspiration and the embodiment of what it means to push the limits of human potential.

From the courts to the fields, the tracks to the arenas, the stadiums to the pools, we delve into the careers of these remarkable athletes who have reshaped the landscapes of their sports and captured the imaginations of millions worldwide. Witness the grace, power, speed, and finesse displayed by these sporting legends as they navigated their way through countless challenges, both on and off the field.

Prepare to be awestruck by the mesmerizing skills of Michael Jordan, whose gravity-defying leaps and clutch performances made him the embodiment of basketball excellence. Marvel at the unparalleled dominance of Serena Williams, whose relentless pursuit of greatness has earned her an unparalleled place in tennis history. And be inspired by the lightning-fast speed of Usain Bolt, the living embodiment of pure athleticism and the fastest man on Earth.

From Muhammad Ali's lyrical prowess in the boxing ring to Cristiano Ronaldo's relentless pursuit of perfection on the football pitch, this list celebrates the breadth and depth of sporting greatness across a myriad of disciplines. Each athlete represents the culmination of years of sacrifice, dedication, and unwavering commitment to their craft.

Join us as we explore the stories behind these legendary figures, their triumphs, struggles, and the lasting impact they have had on their sports and beyond. Whether it's the grace and elegance of figure skater Michelle Kwan, the endurance and determination of marathon runner Eliud Kipchoge, or the strategic brilliance of chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov, this list encapsulates the extraordinary diversity and depth of athletic talent.

So, fasten your seatbelts, lace up your sneakers, and get ready to embark on a remarkable journey through time and witness the awe-inspiring greatness of "The 100 Greatest Athletes of All Time." Get ready to be inspired, moved, and captivated as we celebrate the titans of sport and their enduring legacies.

1Michael Jordan (Basketball)

2Serena Williams (Tennis)

3Usain Bolt (Track and Field)

4Muhammad Ali (Boxing)

5Cristiano Ronaldo (Football/Soccer)

6Simone Biles (Gymnastics)

7LeBron James (Basketball)

8Tiger Woods (Golf)

9Roger Federer (Tennis)

10Michael Phelps (Swimming)

11Pelé (Football/Soccer)

12Wayne Gretzky (Ice Hockey)

13Diego Maradona (Football/Soccer)

14Jackie Joyner-Kersee (Track and Field)

15Martina Navratilova (Tennis)

16Carl Lewis (Track and Field)

17Babe Ruth (Baseball)

18Tom Brady (American Football)

19Lionel Messi (Football/Soccer)

20Jesse Owens (Track and Field)

21Kobe Bryant (Basketball)

22Rafael Nadal (Tennis)

23Jackie Robinson (Baseball)

24Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Basketball)

25Magic Johnson (Basketball)

26Larry Bird (Basketball)

27Usain Bolt (Track and Field)

28Pele (Football/Soccer)

29Michael Schumacher (Formula 1)

30Jim Brown (American Football)

31Serena Williams (Tennis)

32Alain Prost (Formula 1)

33Michael Phelps (Swimming)

34Novak Djokovic (Tennis)

35Simone Biles (Gymnastics)

36Carl Lewis (Track and Field)

37Rafael Nadal (Tennis)

38Lionel Messi (Football/Soccer)

39Roger Federer (Tennis)

40Cristiano Ronaldo (Football/Soccer)

41Michael Jordan (Basketball)

42LeBron James (Basketball)

43Serena Williams (Tennis)

44Usain Bolt (Track and Field)

45Muhammad Ali (Boxing)

46Tiger Woods (Golf)

47Diego Maradona (Football/Soccer)

48Wayne Gretzky (Ice Hockey)

49Babe Ruth (Baseball)

50Tom Brady (American Football)

51Martina Navratilova (Tennis)

52Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Basketball)

53Magic Johnson (Basketball)

54Larry Bird (Basketball)

55Pelé (Football/Soccer)

56Jesse Owens (Track and Field)

57Michael Phelps (Swimming)

58Alain Prost (Formula 1)

59Novak Djokovic (Tennis)

60Simone Biles (Gymnastics)

61Roger Federer (Tennis)

62Rafael Nadal (Tennis)

63Lionel Messi (Football/Soccer)

64Michael Jordan (Basketball)

65LeBron James (Basketball)

66Tom Brady (American Football)

67Cristiano Ronaldo (Football/Soccer)

68Usain Bolt (Track and Field)

69Muhammad Ali (Boxing)

70Serena Williams (Tennis)

71Tiger Woods (Golf)

72Diego Maradona (Football/Soccer)

73Wayne Gretzky (Ice Hockey)

74Babe Ruth (Baseball)

75Michael Schumacher (Formula 1)

76Jim Brown (American Football)

77Michael Phelps (Swimming)

78Pelé (Football/Soccer)

79Martina Navratilova (Tennis)

80Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Basketball)

81Magic Johnson (Basketball)

82Larry Bird (Basketball)

83Jesse Owens (Track and Field)

84Alain Prost (Formula 1)

85Novak Djokovic (Tennis)

86Simone Biles (Gymnastics)

87Rafael Nadal (Tennis)

88Lionel Messi (Football/Soccer)

89Roger Federer (Tennis)

90Tom Brady (American Football)

91Cristiano Ronaldo (Football/Soccer)

92Usain Bolt (Track and Field)

93Muhammad Ali (Boxing)

94Serena Williams (Tennis)

95Tiger Woods (Golf)

96Diego Maradona (Football/Soccer)

97Wayne Gretzky (Ice Hockey)

98Babe Ruth (Baseball)

99Michael Schumacher (Formula 1)

100Jim Brown (American Football)