Top 10 Best Things to Do When Hanging Out with Your Friends

1Watch Fireworks at Nighttime

Watch Fireworks at Nighttime

2Eat at a Restaurant

3Travel to Different Places

4Play Video Games

Play Video Games

5Celebrate Your Friend's Birthday

6Listen to Music

Listen to Music

7Watch TV Together

Watch TV Together

8Watch a Movie

9Do Art for Other People

10Talk to Each Other

11Drink Alcohol

Drink Alcohol

12Play Board Games

13Go to a Carnival

14Get High

15Bake Together

16Make Slime

Make Slime


18Go to Great Wolf Lodge and Eat Ice Cream

19Play Outside

20Go Fishing

21Have a Picnic

22Do a Painting Together

23Do Fun Arts and Crafts

24Write Stories

25Create a Band

26Play Instruments

27Go to Disneyland or Disney World

28Listen to Dream Pop Music