Top 10 Most Memorable Sounds From Your Childhood

1"Coming soon to own on video and DVD"

"Coming soon to own on video and DVD"

220th Century Fox Music

20th Century Fox Music

3THX Deep Note

THX Deep Note

4Windows XP Startup Sound

5PlayStation Startup Sound

PlayStation Startup Sound

6PS2 Startup Sound

7Nickelodeon Jingle

Nickelodeon Jingle

8Arthur Intro Theme

9DreamWorks Opening

DreamWorks Opening

10Universal Studios Theme

11Disney Channel Jingle

Disney Channel Jingle

12Star Wars Theme

Star Wars Theme

13Super Mario Bros. Theme Song

Super Mario Bros. Theme Song

14PBS Kids Jingle

15Wii Sports Theme

16Paramount Feature Presentation

17Pac-Man "Wakka Wakka"

Pac-Man "Wakka Wakka"

18"You Wouldn't Steal a Car" (Anti-Piracy Video)

19GameCube Logo Sound

GameCube Logo Sound

20Kim Possible Ringtone

Kim Possible Ringtone

21Wii Menu Music

22Wii Shop Channel Music

23"Coming Soon to Theaters"

24Xbox Startup Sound

25Wii U Menu Music

26SpongeBob SquarePants Theme

27DIC Entertainment 2003 Logo Sound

28Epic Mickey Startup Jingle

29Rugrats Theme Song

30Bugs Bunny Warner Bros. Intro

31Steamboat Willie Theme

Steamboat Willie Theme

32George Lopez Theme Song

33Paramount Coming Attractions

34LEGO Yoda Death Sound

35Bill Nye the Science Guy Theme

Bill Nye the Science Guy Theme