Top Ten Dumbest Things We (Probably) All Did as Kids

1Slowly close the fridge to see the light go off

2Play make believe

Play make believe

3Eat things that weren't food

4Be afraid of the dark

Be afraid of the dark

5Race water drops on windows

Race water drops on windows

6Be addicted to sugar

Be addicted to sugar

7Fake being sick to avoid school

Fake being sick to avoid school

8Listen to inappropriate music without knowing the meaning

9Hate vegetables

Hate vegetables

10Believe almost anything

11Chew on your fingernails and toenails

12Watch things without our parents knowing

13Pee in the pool

14Thinks the world revolves around you

15Have an imaginary friend

16Climb up the slide

17Pee the bed

18Say stuff we don't know the meaning of

19Draw on the walls

20Dress in adult's clothing

21Jump on furniture

22Pretend the floor is lava

23Draw on rainy windows