Reasons Why the United States is Better Than Canada

1Friendlier People

2Justin Bieber Didn't Come From the US

3Prettier Cities

4Better Weather

5More World Top-Ranked Universities

6More Clubs

7America has Donald Trump

8Lower Cost of Living

9USA is Free

10Prettier Women

11Better Music Artists

12More Powerful Military

13Not Dependent on UK

14More McDonald's

15More Sexy Woman

16More Money

17No Justin Trudeau

18More Happiness

19Isn't Politically Correct

20More Sex and Entertainment

21More Conservatives

22More Oil

23Better Leader

24More Interesting Cities and Culture

25Faster Internet

26More Patriotic

27We Have Logic

28Has a Space Program

29Better Football

30More Tourist Attractions

31Less Complicated Government

32Better Accents

33Likes the Native Marine Mammals Better

34More Action

35More Work