Top 10 Reasons Why Disneyland is Not the Happiest Place on Earth

1Half the people don't look happy

2Overpriced items

3The people stink there

4It's too crowded

5The lines, lines, lines

6It's hot and humid all the time

7People make you uncomfortable by touching you and pushing you

8People walk too slow

9There's always a kid whining or crying

10Too much Frozen

11Fat people everywhere

12People have died


14Urban legends

15It's too expensive

16It's owned by a corrupt, mega-corporation relying heavily on sleezy marketing and phony political statements

17It's nasty there

18They're replacing Paradise Pier with Pixar Pier

19Discriminating against autistic people

20The characters aren't real

21Back then, the costumes looked really creepy

22Rides break down

23They're over-relying on Marvel

24Holiday parties are too expensive there

25The Castle is much shorter and different

26Ride accidents

27There's no Pandora World of Avatar on it like at Disney World

28It's impossible to walk without accidentally photobombing someone's photo

29They're greedy

30They close out attractions to retheme them into Disney movies

31Long line to get to meet a character

32Disney employee spanking kids

33It has scary rides

34The seating and restraints on some attractions may prohibit guests of certain body shapes and sizes from riding

35Pixar stuff everywhere